Called to Greatness International Women’s summit returns to GB for third year

by: Jaimie Smith, News Reporter - Published Thursday, July 28, 2016

Angela Pipersburgh, President of Kingdom Chamber of Commerce and founder of Called to Greatness Women’s Summit and her team have returned to the island of Grand Bahama, a place which she considers her second home, to host her dynamic International Women’s Summit, under the theme, ‘Power and Purpose in a Name, Part II.’

The four-day event, beginning today at 7:00 p,m. and concluding on Sunday at the Grand Lucayan Resort, is expected to give both men, women and residents – young and old – the opportunity to discover what is destined for them and ultimately, what God has desired for them by tapping into their individual power and purpose of their names.

In a candid discussion with this daily, Pipersburgh disclosed that persons are not given their birth name by chance; however, each individual is given their birth name for a particular reason and it is vital that they discover that reason to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

“Call to Greatness International Women’s Summit is a gathering of women who recognize that there is greatness on the inside of them; that they are not meant to live a mundane or mediocre life but they understand that they exist to do more than just earn a paycheck, and that the only thing that will satisfy them is to discover who they are, what they were born to do, which is to accomplish something great that no one else in the world can do.”

“We have a cross section of speakers, but this year we will also have speakers from The Bahamas. We have pastor Angie Burrows from Bahamas Faith International, representing Nassau and we have your very own Minister Jennifer Stuart, from Freeport.

“We have speakers from different states such as pastor Brenda Miller from Charlotte, NC; Cynthia Crocker from Philadelphia, PA; Sharon Cook-Harrison from Tulsa, OK and Hailey Pipersburgh from Cherry Hill, NJ.”

Prior to attending the event Pipersburgh has requested that participants research the meaning of their birth name, in order to assist with receiving the true purpose of the summit.

“That is so important and it has been an amazing journey when I received this assignment on names and naming which some people may just take for granted. Each and every person was created and placed on planet Earth for a unique assignment.

“The Creator Himself took his own personal time and custom made you. When you custom make something you are an original, there may be copies but you are the original. It is all about understanding that God created you with a purpose in mind. He created you to fulfill an assignment. The very thing that you would need is to carry out that assignment which has already been downloaded or hidden on the inside of you. “The demand that He will place on you is based on what has been hidden in you. It is only when the demand is placed on that potential do you really recognize the extent of your calling. Whether we like our family or not, it doesn’t really matter because we don’t have a choice. There are certain things that you cannot change; you cannot change your biological family, because they were hand-picked for you.

“There are some that make a big deal about that, but when we truly get to understand what happens behind the scenes and if we were to get the bigger picture, then we are able to recognize it even more. A person’s name is so significant to their destiny,” informed Pipersburgh.

“I am hoping that with us being here with this teaching and research that I have done on name and naming that is causes people to recognize the greatness that has been hidden on the inside of them,” shared the summit host.

As this is her third year hosting the summit on the island of Grand Bahama, particularly in the city of Freeport, Pipersburgh was questioned why it was so important for her to return to the nation’s second city.

Her response, “There is something special about these grounds, something that my spirit and soul is in love with. I cannot say this for every place that I go, but as soon as I got off the plane, immediately, I felt at home.

“It felt no different from where I live in the United States, it just felt right. When I first came here in 2011, the country was going through economic hardship, and I came on a familiarization (FAM) tour with the Ministry of Tourism. During that visit I heard something, I heard that this is going to be a great city, and that has not changed.

“When you understand that when you walk by faith you do not move by what you see in front of you, all of that is subject to change,” said Pipersburgh.

“Yesterday I heard, ‘This is your time,’ which means that no more will Freeport be an obscurity; this is not going to be the place that is the world’s best kept secret.

“As a matter of fact, a light is shining on Freeport and the curtains are open. I know that God is going to do great and mighty things. We have been praying for this summit since January; not only for our summit, but also for our nation, The Bahamas.

“But also specifically for Freeport because this is where God has called us to. That is why, when you come to any of the events that we have here, you know that there is something greater, that the environment is not one that man can put together with their hands, you know that it is something that God is going to do,” added Pipersburgh.

“This year we are calling out to all youth, you can never be an effective leader without involving the next generation. It is up to us as adults and leaders to take them under our wings and say ‘Come, I will help you and show you’ and point them in the right direction.

“The men are also going to be a part of this event. We will have a special session with Rev. Bayo Oniwinde, who is coming all the way from Lagos, Nigeria to come here, to speak to the men.

“He will be speaking on how to complement maximized women; a woman that has gone through the steps of self-discovery; a woman who knows her identity in Christ.”

She shared that the summit is open to any and everyone, no matter their background, or economic status. “Whether you are the president of a Fortune 100 company, a business owner, a mother, staying home and doing the most important job that any of us can do, which is being the minister of home affairs, making sure that home is right, or whether you are working as a waitress; it does not matter, you need to be in this environment. Seeds germinate in an environment and you need to be here.

“This will be an opportunity for persons to be empowered, enlightened and to actually get to that place, to make that shift and be positioned in that place where God wants them to.

“We encourage the men, the youth and every person to come out and to not make finances an issue. I believe that God wants us to make and bring change to this land and He wants to unify us, especially as women because we need each other. Together as we unite, we can have a greater impact for the Kingdom of God.”

The opening session of the summit begins at 7:00 p.m. tonight followed by a 9:00 Friday morning session. Registration will take place on site as well as online at

Originally Posted on the The Freeport News