Called to Greatness International Women's Summit a Boost to Grand Bahama's Religious Tourism Sector

by: Jaimie Smith, News Reporter - Published Thursday, August 4, 2016

Debbie Huyler, Religious Tourism Manager, Ministry of Tourism, Grand Bahama

The Called to Greatness International Women’s Summit, held a the Grand Lucayan Resort, was officially opened Thursday (July 21) under the theme, ‘Power and Purpose in a name Part II.’

In full support of the event, for the third consecutive year, was the Religious Tourism sector of the Grand Bahama Ministry of Tourism.

Speaking on behalf of the Tourism Ministry was Debbie Huyler, Religious Tourism Manager, Ministry of Tourism, Grand Bahama who expressed, “What a tremendous honor and pleasure it is for me to welcome you here to Grand Bahama Island, on behalf of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

“We are privileged to be able to host you and indeed delighted that you decided to have the third consecutive year of your Called to Greatness International Women’s Summit, here on Grand Bahama Island.

“The Ministry of Tourism is excited to stand in communion with summit host, Angela Pipersburgh. We acknowledge the growth of the religious tourism market here on Grand Bahama Island and we are optimistic of the many opportunities for the world to get a more distinct view of what we have to offer,” said Huyler.

“‘Called to Greatness Summit’ is poised to gain leverage from the momentum of religious clients, bringing together, international leaders and attendees throughout the United States, Canada and, as far as Africa, showcasing the best of gospel talent, positioning the destination of Grand Bahama towards international exposure.

“This event will indeed show to the world that it is truly better in The Bahamas, in particular Grand Bahama Island. On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and our Minister Obediah Wilchcombe, we welcome you all to Grand Bahama Island and hope that you enjoy the grand life while you are here,” concluded Huyler.

A number of local and international speakers presented, during the three day summit – Angela Pipersburgh, Founder and President of Kingdom Chamber of Commerce and ‘Called to Greatness’ Summit host, were the first to speak on ‘Being and Doing.’

“Pipersburgh disclosed, “There are some of us that are out of position, we are not in that place where God wants us to be. God wants greater and higher … why would God bring you to Freeport if God did not want you free? Who the Son sets free is free indeed. You cannot come in here acting the way you did at home; it is time for you to be free, because God wants to set you apart, to take you higher to a place where you have never been before.”

With respect to this year’s summits theme, ‘Power and Purpose in a name Part II, Piperspurgh disclosed, prior to the summit’s opening, “Many may not ask God what the name of their child should be, still God who is sovereign, has His hands on it.

“A person’s name is so significant to their destiny. What is in a name? There is honor in a name, it doesn’t matter where you grew up; some may say that their name does not really matter, because I don’t matter, well, that is wrong; because to God you matter and to God there is greatness on the inside of you. The fact that God has an assignment for them to do, an assignment so great that no one else can fulfill; what I love about how God does it is that he hides your purpose in it and ties other people to it.

“It is only when you answer the call that you help others respond to their assignment and now they can answer the call. For as long as you are stationary and for as long as you think you don’t matter, it is like a deck of cards. There are other people that are affected by it, but the moment that you become aware that you are here to fulfill an assignment, every minute and second wasted from embracing that call, from coming into alignment with my Creator.

“I am not only affecting me but I am making others frustrated, as well as myself. We only become satisfied or fulfilled when we walk into our purpose; when we answer the call,” said the summit host.

“The moment you get to the place where you embrace that you are somebody, that you have greatness on the inside of you; it does not matter what your economic situation is, what your financial situation is, what your educational situation is; it does not matter.”

She shared that many persons are frustrated with their particular circumstances due to the fact that it is not where God has destined them to be. “So, many people are frustrated because they have no business being there; they put themselves there. After they put themselves there they ask God to bless them; but, God will never bless something that he did not call for.”

Piperspurgh added that a person’s attitude should also coincide with their assignment given by God. “Our attitudes should be one that is contagious. Every time someone comes in contact with you there should be something about you that allows him or her to see God, smell God and feel God without us using the word God.

“When you are aligned with purpose, provision will come; when you understand who you are, it is for the first time that you become fulfilled. Not that you won’t have challenges, not that you won’t have to work hard; God wants you to partner with Him and you have to be able to work; work is very important to God.”

The 2016 Called to Greatness International Women’s Summit concluded with joint fellowship at Bahamas Faith Ministries on Sunday morning.

Originally Posted on the The Freeport News