Angela Pipersburgh is a market-leader pioneer who has successfully pioneered the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce in five US locations with the distinctiveness of being governed by Kingdomcentric best principles. She has personally managed the start-up, growth and development of her four brands; Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, Kingdom Business School, Shaddai Marketing and Communications and AngelaPipersburgh.com, two of which have achieved international presence.

Angela has a proven record of accelerating business performance and profitability through aligning people and resources with stated initiatives. Through the Chamber, she has participated in the start-up, growth, and development of entrepreneur ventures both nationally and internationally for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Angela also organizes and manages national and international training events designed to facilitate personal growth and development.

Angela established the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce to encourage, build-up and strengthen Christian business owners to operate their businesses by faith and stand as witnesses for God in the marketplace. The Chamber serves as a vehicle to bring Believers together to advance the Kingdom of God and their individual enterprises for the Lord Jesus Christ. Partners of the Chamber are committed to growing their business with Biblical principles.

The Kingdom Business School ‘s vision is to transform the mindset of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who govern businesses.

Angela currently resides in Cherry Hill with Paul, her husband of 24 years, and their two children Hailey and Daniel. She is a sought-after advisor to business owners, confidant to pastors and ministry leaders, and a conference speaker.

Angela Pipersburgh – Called to Greatness International Women’s Summit 2015


Dr. Cindy Trimm has dedicated her life to making this world a better place. She consistently reaches out to humanity with her goal being to positively impact and transform the course of the global destiny of nations and to leave a legacy of hope, morality and ethics for the next generation.

A former senator, Dr. Trimm is a much sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader. Dr. Trimm is CEO of a conglomerate of companies and entities, traveling worldwide partnering with social, spiritual and civic leaders, equipping millions to discover life purpose, maximize potential and live authentically.

Dr. Trimm has received multiple honors and awards including: Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Tennessee; the Guinness Book of World Records; Woman of the Year for Outstanding Community & Professional Achievement; Twentieth Century Award for Achievement; Two Thousand Notable American Women, and is listed among the top 500 Leaders of Influence and 70 Most Influential Black History-Makers. She has also received awards and distinctions from the Queen of England, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Governor of Bermuda, and her most recent being the Life Time Achievement Award from President Barak Obama.

Viewing this world as a global village, she continues to initiate strategic interdisciplinary forums, as well as host conferences and summits designed to develop practical solutions towards the healing of our world from both its social and spiritual ills. She is a prolific author of over 30 books and her two best-selling books Commanding Your Morning and The Rules of Engagement For Spiritual Warfare have sold over 1 million copies. Her newly released books: Push, The Prosperous Soul Your Journey to a Richer Life and Prevail are also now in high demand.

Dr. Trimm has been featured in EBONY MAGAZINE’S cover article, THE POWER 100—THE TOP 100 LEADERS—a very prestigious and noble honor— where she is recognized with other world leaders including: President Barak Obama, and first lady Michelle Obama, Tyler Perry, Michael Jordon, Will Smith, Tom Joyner, Kathy Hughes, Lebron James, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and many other influencers, movers and shakers.

Dr. Trimm is indeed a servant after God’s own heart, a leader of leaders and a friend to humanity.

Cynthia T. Crocker – is a gifted teacher and business owner, focusing to fufill educational and holistic services to many.

Cynthia T. Crocker was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She graduated Magna Cum Laude receiving her Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters (+60) in Elementary and Secondary Education Administration at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Ms. Crocker also attained certifications in Elementary Education, Elementary and Secondary Principal, and Secondary Mathematics at Beaver College, which is now recognized as Arcadia University located in Glenside, PA.

She began her career as an elementary school teacher in 1978 to 1985, in which she provided instruction to 1st and 2nd graders and from 1985 to 1990 to 5th grade students. In both settings, Ms. Crocker made a difference in the lives of her students by providing a hands-on approach to learning. From1990 to 2006, Ms. Crocker became an administrator to several middle and high schools within the Philadelphia School District. In this role, she made a tremendous impact to the schools, students, and staff.

Minister Shirley "Jennifer" Stuart – born into the Earth Realm as the sixth of fourteen children on the beautiful Island of Grand Bahamas in the settlement of West End. At the young age of fourteen she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal saviour.

She is Host and CEO of the radio program THE VOICE OF THE WORD that is aired every Wednesday on one of the local radio stations in Grand Bahamas. She is a conference host and a preacher at heart. She has had the opportunity to speak at many Summits and Women Conferences locally and abroad.

She is married to Minister Andrew Stuart and together this Union has produced one lovely daughter, Miss Tianna Stuart.

Rev. Bayo Oniwinde – Rev. Bayo Oniwinde's Ministry has spanned more than two and a half decades, in which he has been privileged to serve as a pastor in a great church movement “Christ Chapel International Churches” under the leadership of Rev. (Dr.) Tunde Joda. Christ Chapel was notably used by God in the 1980's into the 1990's to bring a great revival of God among the young people, and to greatly impact the nation of Nigeria!

Noted for teaching the Word, Rev. Bayo believes that the body of Christ has yet to witness the finest hour with a mighty demonstration of God's supernatural hand! In 2001 at the leading of the Lord, Rev. Bayo launched into a world outreach ministry, Feed My Sheep World Outreach Ministries, of which he is the President. It has taken him to several Nations including: Russia, India, Germany, South Africa, Ghana, Guyana, Spain, Norway, Latvia, and Estonia.

Rev. Bayo has had some major supernatural encounters with the Holy Spirit, in which he was shown certain things about these last days apart from moving in the gifts of the spirit.

He has three books: It Is Written, Believer Your Case in Life is Different, and What You Say Will Make Your Day!

Paul Pipersburgh – Paul Pipersburgh is a Business Consultant and Sales Strategist who also serves as a Mentor and Advisor to Business and Ministry Leaders. Over his career, Paul has developed a strong reputation for the ability to consistently drive progressive and profitable change and results. 

As a top-producer throughout his career, Paul has been honored with numerous sales awards, including Million Dollar Sales Consultant for Raymour and Flanigan where he built his sales career.

Paul is co-founder of Kingdom Chamber of Commerce and Shaddai Marketing and Communications, Inc.

Paul is a dedicated family man who celebrates his Wife Angela, enjoying over 23 years of marriage and are parents of two successful young leaders, daughter Hailey and Son Daniel both of who are involved in serving their parents in their global organization.

Valerie Robinson – governs her life with “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. She is an entrepreneur who has overcome challenging business obstacles and attributes her uncommon business growth and success to her Lord Jesus Christ. Valerie and her husband Ernest are the Founders and President of Golden Gate Inc., a nonprofit childcare development center that has grossed more than a million a year in revenue. They offer a nurturing and supportive environment based on biblical principles. Golden Gate’s mission is to infuse in every child that they are special to God and utilize their gifts, talents and resources God has graced them with to be a blessing to every family they serve.

Hailey Pipersburgh – is a leader, motivator and encourager who desires to see young adults walk in their divine purpose and fulfill their God given destiny.

Hailey is currently a Senior at Eastern University studying BioChemistry for Pre-Med. Her goal is to make a difference in the healthcare industry by teaching God's children to walk in divine health.

Since 2014, Hailey has served in leadership capacity for Leadership Fellows Program (LFP)
The Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) is a selective leadership cohort designed to advance and support students’ understanding and demonstration of servant leadership within the Eastern community and the global community at large. The program aims to prepare students for purposeful cultural integration as productive innovators and leaders; encouraging them to address current societal problems through thoughtful faith-based service and influence the world through a commitment to Christian leadership and behavioral integrity. Hailey also serves as Student Worker in Student Development as well as Residence Advisor (RA).

Hailey currently resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with her parents and younger brother Daniel Pipersburgh.

Daniel Pipersburgh – is a 14 year old Visionary Leader and CEO of Global Kingdom Travel who desires to see Youth discover their purpose and fulfill their destiny.

Daniel is currently a Freshman at Cherry Hill High School East. His goal is to make a difference in the Aerodynamic Engineering field.

Daniel attended Rosa International Middle School where he served in Student Government.

Daniel has had lead roles in many School Plays Including Aladdin JR, The Lion King JR and Seussical Jr.

Daniel is currently a Junior Pilot with his eyes set on receiving his Pilot’s license within 2 years by age 16.

Daniel currently resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with his parents Paul and Angela Pipersburgh and his older sister Hailey.